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I don’t know how to repeat it to thousands of tests on the blog. They have been fooling you all your lives with television and Hollywood. That viruses do not exist, dammit! That what causes everything , are the intra venous inoculations , all kinds of substances in vaccines , cranial tests , lack of sun with restrictions , masks etc that do not let strengthen your immune system …pussy !!!! That you look like a child following the psychopaths with televisions that have been lying for decades with montages and statements bought in millions. To the government of Peru talking about the plan of Bill Gates , Soros etc that everything is a circus against the population , is added , nothing less than this.

Queréis dejar de vivir ” dormidos ” como en automático dejándoros llevar continuamente a lo que digan los psicópatas políticos ( Todos ) con las televisiones ¿ No podéis invertir unos minutos en informaros de las cosas por vuestra cuenta , que nos están haciendo la vida imposible a base de mentiras y totalitarismo.

Do you want to stop living “asleep” as if you were in automatic mode, letting yourselves be carried away continuously by what the political psychopaths (all of them) say on television? Can’t you invest a few minutes in informing yourselves about things on your own, who are making our lives impossible with lies and totalitarianism.—047—History-Is-Written-By-The-Winners:5

Los virus no existen, al menos no en el sentido normal de la palabra. Los establecimientos médicos nos han engañado durante los últimos 100 años.

Stefan Lanka, que es virólogo, ha ganado recientemente un caso judicial que demuestra que los virus son un engaño. Viruses don’t exist, at least not in the normal sense of the word. The medical establishments have fooled us for the last 100 years. Stefan Lanka, who is a virologist, has recently won a court case that proves that viruses are a hoax–x27-t-exist:2


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